Who is this blog for?

This blog is for anyone interested in or thinking about travelling to Japan. I lived in Japan for 18 months back in 2002. I’ve been travelling back every year now, for over 15 years, trying to explore every inch of it. It may take me a life time.

I want to use that experience to help you plan an awesome adventure in Japan.

Over the years I’ve given advice to my friends and colleagues regarding their adventures in Japan. I’ve even put together itineraries for some of them. Now I want to help you and as many people as I can to enjoy this culturally rich country.

I  want your adventure to Japan to be the best experience you’ve ever had and to be as smooth and culture packed as possible. Let my passion help create the ultimate adventure for you.

This blog is totally interactive so please feel free to ask lots of questions, because I am here to help.

How about you?

What first got you interested in Japan and what would you like to see there? Send me an email.